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Multiple universes are on the brink of an apocalyptic state. A being of high power has decided to bring warriors from each world together to battle for a chance to change the destructive path that their universe is going down. Now all must fight in a tournament to win the ultimate prize: the Karta Moros, the power to change fate.

The player role consists of competition against another player to defeat them in combat. The player will use button combinations to attack the opponent and lower their health bar. They also have the option to activate unique powers from a Power Card deck. This deck deals two cards to each player, and whenever one is used it is replaced with the next from the deck.

Play as:

Dai - Len: A cunning ninja warrior from a time of feudal war. As the part of a rebel faction, she has learned the ancient way of hook-shot combat to trick and punish her foes.

Axel: A cyborg brought forward as a sick experiment to control the masses. His strong will has overridden the programming in his mind, and now he is attempting to alter the events leading up to the mass chaos.

More characters to come!

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file, double click the application, and have a blast!

(Make sure you have the Data file as well as the application together).


Karta Moros exe.zip 16 MB